Ohainle Lab News

FEB 2023: UW Ph.D. student Joy Twentyman presents a poster at CROI in Seattle

JAN 2023: Work lead by UW Ph.D. students Vanessa Montoya and Emily Hsieh publish their work in mBio and PLoS Pathogens.

JAN 2023: MCB student Clare Gill rotates in the Ohainle Lab. Welcome Clare!

OCT 2022: Two new HIV-CRISPR screens preprinted on biorxiv here and here from University of Washington Ph.D. students Vanessa Montoya and Emily Hsieh.

OCT 2022: The Ohainle Lab attends the West Coast Retrovirus Meeting in Palm Springs. Anthony, Isaiah and Michael present posters – nicely done!

SEPT 2022: MCB student Brenna Gittens rotates in the Ohainle Lab. Welcome Brenna!

AUGUST 2022: The Ohainle Lab opens its doors and welcomes Anthony Khalifeh and Laura Gong as Technicians/Lab Co-Managers. Welcome Laura and Anthony!

JULY 2022: Michael Young and Isaiah Grant join the Ohainle Lab (UC Berkeley MCB Ph.D. graduate students). Welcome Michael and Isaiah!

SUMMER 2022: Ohainle Lab to open at UC Berkeley.

OCTOBER 2021: Dr. Ohainle appointed Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology, Division of Immunology & Pathogenesis.
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